Monday, February 6, 2012

Next Steps


For the last few weeks we have been thinking on what to do with the initiative. Last Sunday, 12 persons from Madrid and Barcelona had a meeting at Zaragoza to talk about how things should be in the future and make some decisions. Here are some of the conclusions:

 * We think that the 2011 campaign has been a success. Also think that it is important to have a bigger success in the next campaign because if this is not the case the team and the supporters might loose interest on it.
 * We think that we should keep working campaign based. With a limited in time campaign we have a challenge ingredient that is key to make it a success, to raise people interest and to make people support us for this short period of time.However the process will improve won't be that much improvised. To get better results we will work in advance our relationship with Companies, Universities, Foundations, Celebrities and so on to prepare the different activities of the new campaign.
 * Regarding time we will stick to three months campaign, trying to avoid holiday seasons.
 * We will raise funds in Spain. We will consider other countries just if there is a clear leadership and it is possible to get a  critical mass.
 * Our focus will be continue to be to fight the famine at Africa.
 * We will keep our model as much as we can: Citizen movement, transparency, honesty and so on.

The biggest challenge is the direction of the initiative. Special circumstances let Ricard Bou and other members to work full time on this but these circumstances are not going to repeat in the short term. So we think that:
 * We need a person full time the whole year to report on the progress of the different projects, to prepare and run the next campaign. The rest of the team will still be volunteer as it has been on this one.
 * We want that 100% of people and organizations donations will we used to fund projects that fulfill our goals.
 * This person should be fairly compensated but his retribution can not come from the donations so we will start to find funding to cover this salary and related expenses.

Next steps are:
 * Prepare the material to go and search for funding for the next two months.
 * Define the profile of the future leader of the initiative and search for it.

We keep our commitments and have asked the NGOs a calendar with the dates they are going to report on the progress of the projects. Today we have closed all donation channels and next Wednesday will have the final numbers. Once we have the calendar from the NGOs we will transfer the funds.

We will love to read your comments and opinions. As you know this is something that we are building together so any idea will be considered. Next post will be next Sunday.

Thanks for being there! 

Thursday, January 26, 2012

€55.811, close of the poll.

The Guitar Auction has closed at 375€ and we have received some more donations. As we have not transferred the money among the projects we have not closed all the donation channels, but we have closed some as the text messages and Moneybrokers.

The poll on Facebook has finished with the following results. Total 922 votes spread as following:
  • 277 AMREF project at Samburo (30,043%)
  • 283 Intermón-Oxfam project (30,694%)
  • 362 Entreculturas project (39,263%)
Thanks for your participation! Thanks to the NGO for their support and collaboration!

Next weekend we will have a meeting to define how we want to continue. We'll keep you posted.

Thanks for being there!

PS: we have just reached 9.000 followers in twitter!! ;)

Monday, January 16, 2012

Poll and guitar auction almost over.


Tonight at 23:59:59 CET we will close the poll and count the votes. Thanks to the 867 people that have already voted . To check the results or vote click here.

The auction of the Spanish guitar from Felipe Conde is still live and will end next Wednesday, this is the link: click here.

Thanks for being there! 

Thursday, January 12, 2012

eBay has fixed the problem.

Good morning!

Yesterday eBay called us and we have a nice chat for about 50 minutes to solve the problem with our auctions. We have recovered all the articles that were on auction and they cancelled and also they have allowed us to highlight the guitar auction for free and have remove their commission from all our auctions to compensate for all the problems they have caused.

This is an extraordinary way to solve the problem, Bravo eBay! Thanks a lot!

Here you have the link to the auction:
 - Spanish Guitar from Felipe Conde

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Problems with e-Bay: they have retired the guitar by mistake.

Good morning,

Last week we initiated a series of  Auctions: 4 “fisical” objects and Tweets by Famous Persons.
A the beginning our working-group cuestioned whether  Auctions of Tweets would be allowed with e-Bay, their policy being that these could be clasified as “downloadable articles”, but the case is that it is not prohibited.
We decided to proceed, since we observed similar cases : in the united States famous peoples Tweets have been auctioned through e-Bay, where the same policy as the above mentioned exists.This Link will lead you to an article in The Wall Street Journal.

On Tuesday 3rd of January we were notified by e-Bay that one of our Auctions of Tweets was being withdrawn since the way of advertising it was violating their policy of publication of advertisements.

On this same day we contacted via e-mail with e-Bay to solicit the re-incertation of the mentioned article, adverting about the precedent case in The United States and the cause for which the Tweets were auctioned.

Yesterday 4th of January at 9 am the bidding on  the Guitar Conde had surpassed 400€, and with 13 hours still remaining for biddings.

Later on it was retired by e-Bay together with the Auctions of Tweets.

We made a formal protest of the elimination of the Auction of the Guitar Conde, but received the answer that it had been retired by mistake together with the rest.At the same time they informed us that it is possible to insert the Guitar again, and they indicated us how to proceed.

Acceding e-Bay to do exactly that, to our surprise we discover that the Guitar had disappeared all together, while the Tweets were found in a “File” called “Not Auctionable”.

Since yesterday 4th of January, from 16.20 hours we have been trying to get in contact with e-Bay, but it has not been possible: they do not answer our e-mails and calling the 902 number is an infinite waste of time.

Could you help us with this problem, making e-Bay revise their error and also have them recompense us ?

Could Rubén Jud@rubenjud?

Thank you for being with us.

Monday, December 26, 2011

Countdown: 5, € 44.608, We Are + 10.000!!

Good Morning!
Today we’re full of good news!! Not because of the collections, what we need your help to rise, but because we’re becaming a social phenomenon!! We fashion!! And is never too late for doing good, we have 5 days left!
We have more + 3.200 followers on Facebook, and + 7.400 followers on twitter, wich adds more than 10.000 people! More than 5.000 donation are being done, more than a 100 are from companies, and we’ve appeared on more than a 100 media (TV, radio, written media, blogs…). This numbers are amazing if we consider that we doesn’t exist 3 months ago, but is natural because the problem is too bad.Our mission is very serious, and what we want is to shake minds from the information and truth, with transparency and honesty as our flag. You’re demonstrating that there are many big heart people.
But the most impressive of all is that we like everyone a lot, and that makes us all very happy. How do we know? Because some webpages analysis. For example, according to, we reached to114 GLOBAL #FF position between 21 million accounts.
If we check on, tell us that our twitter impact places us on the 99%, meaning, we have much more relevancy than the 99% of the twitter users
And another amazing data is Klout’s:
Wich means that we’re very influents despite having “only” +7.000 followers. Not only because it value, but because it grown speed. For you to realice the importance, more known and with much more followers than us have similar punctuations. You can search for your favorite accounts and compare it.
We have very few time left, and we want to help a lot more. Help us. Is very easy: follow us, get others to follow us, spread, people who RT, and people who donate. “90” is fashion, don’t give up talking about it, people like you to tell them you’re part of “90”. Remember we work in solidarity with Intermón-Oxfam and with AMREF, and that your donations will arrive Africa throw them.
The star and the heart on the Christmas balls? Those Christmas Balls cost is 2€. You’re the stars. Because of your heart
We can all fit in here. Thanks for being there!.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Countdown: 6, € 44.468, MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

Courtesy of @ marizti 

Good morning!
On the last few days, Santa has brought us two thousand new followers and we feel very happy for being able to help. Thanks for your empathy for the 250.000 persons that are steel on maximum emergency.
You can help us, as usual, following us, spreading and donating ,but you can also bid on items auctioned on eBay , or you can join our sport events , and give it to who ever you want. It’ll be a double gift.
As you know, all collected found will reach Africa throw AMREF and Intermón-Oxfam, as this projects. We need you to help us to complete the budget.
Thanks for being there.